Information On Full-Day Sittings

Full-Day Sitting Meditation Retreat On

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

A Full-Day Meditation Retreat is for experienced meditators.  There will be six 35-minute sitting periods throughout the day.   Each period is followed by 10-minutes of walking mediation.

There is a Buddhist service in the morning and afternoon, a morning dharma talk, and an afternoon discussion.

You may also do a Half  Day – leaving at noon or 1:00 PM.

Please email with questions.  Here is a sample daily schedule: 1-day-sitting-

Registration required.

Hogetsu Laurie Belzer , is a founding member of ADZG.  She has supported the evolution of the practice center since its genesis. She currently serves ADZG as a temple priest, practice leader, sewing teacher, and ADZG Board Member.

Practice discussion is available. 

Please contact: to register or for more information.

Suggested donation  $75 per day; sliding scale available

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