Meditation & Mindfulness

stills the mind and body to bring our focus to the experience of the present moment. We become familiar with the changing landscape of our interior life, emotions, and thoughts. Through this stillness and letting go we develop a deeper sense of connectedness to our world.


is a form of exercise that energizes the internal organs by combining disciplined breathing techniques with subtle, focused movement. It is based on a belief that all things in our universe are vitalized with an intrinsic energy called “qi.” By manipulating and energizing our qi flow, we increase our own health and ability to connect metaphysically to the environment around us.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Is a complete system of martial arts combined with the practice of Chan (Zen) Buddhism. This combination, based on the environment of the Songshan Shaolin Temple, creates a unique faith and culture for the practice of attaining enlightenment.


is a health, self-defense and spiritual exercise where students progress through long, focused training which produces true inner evolution, a deep well-being and self-defense ability based on internal refinement rather than external strength and speed.