Taiji Workshop

Dates & Times
Sunday, October 16th
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM


Location To-Be-Announced 

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Requested,  but not required.

Taught by Nathan Paulus

Curious about Taiji (Tai Chi)?

This Workshop will cover:

The 5 Loosening Exercises
Taiji Walking Drills
Introduction to Cheng Man-ch’ing Yang style Short Form
Introduction to Push Hands

It will introduce you to taiji movement. You will understand how taiji works the body and integrates mindful concentration. We will discuss self-defense concepts.

You may find more information about Taiji here.

Email info@warriorspathacademy.com to register.  
Donations are requested and are based on:

  1. your ability to pay and
  2. the value of your peace of mind.