Walking The Warrior’s Path

There are people who have a stirring inside them–—qualities that lay dormant, potential untapped, energy to give and aspirations unfulfilled.

You’re one of these people.

You’re not afraid of idealism. You engage with the world. You embrace the mystery of our existence and humanity’s aptitude for evolvement.

Warrior’s Path Buddhist Academy exists to explore what individual human existence means. We use Buddhist philosophy as a guide, the physical body as the vehicle and community as the classroom.

Four Disciplines – One Path

Zen Buddhist Philosophy

We study the teachings of the historical Buddha and how the dharma points to the wellspring of life. Buddhist practice offers methods and guidelines on how to engage fully without a gaining attitude. We live without a specific endgame in mind. We learn how to reflect. We learn how to listen. We understand how to just be. Innate wisdom influences when to assert and when to adapt. Through stillness we learn how to trust this wisdom.

The Physical Body

Emptiness is form and form is exercised through Shaolin Kung Fu, Taiji and Qigong. These physical practices test the capabilities of the human form. They keep the vehicle of this human life healthy. In physical movement, we explore how this exertion reflects the mind and vice versa. Engaging with other people through these disciplines, we learn a lot about how we are in the world, about how we emotionally and psychologically respond. This engaged interplay is a compass to our individualized, internal self. We understand what to encourage, what to dispel and practice the timing of the appropriate response.


Combining these methods, we develop our senses to peak efficacy and bring heightened awareness to all aspects of our lives. We understand the tapestry of co-existence. Understanding gives rise to service that manifests in three ways: Fostering others within our educational lineage and helping those before and after us on the path. Being fully present with acquaintances, coworkers, friends, and family and responding capably in each situation with the proper countenance and skill. Learning to advocate not adjudicate, on matters that affect society-at-large.

The Warrior’s Path is not easy. It is not linear. It is without fanfare, but you don’t care. You have the energy and commitment. You find the time. You’re up for the challenge.